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Not good enough? Compared to whom?
Confidence & Self Esteem

I see a lot of clients who believe they are not worthy or not good enough. This can lead to making images in their minds of things going badly, or bad feelings or an internal voice that criticizes and puts them down. The end result is ongoing feelings of anxiety, low confidence and low self esteem which can impact on career, health and relationships and stop them doing things in their life that they want to do.


If I believe I’m not good enough (which I did used to believe before hypnotherapy helped me) then I must consider that someone (or maybe lots of people) are somehow better in some way when I compare them to myself. And the more I think it, the harder it gets to break free of the limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It’s like there’s a part of me that wants to be more confident, trusting etc in conflict with that problem part of me that keeps me stuck. It can feel like driving with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake.


Using advanced hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP we can remove these limiting beliefs and end that conflict so you can move forward in life in a more empowering way.


But have you ever stopped to consider who you are comparing yourself to?


For example, when I first started learning NLP, I started thinking that maybe I couldn’t do it – there was so much to learn and I wanted to know it inside out and back to front yesterday! When I stopped to consider, I realised I was comparing myself to my trainer – someone with years of practice and experience. How crazy was that when I was just starting out?


I like to run, but if I were to compare myself to Usain Bolt or Haile Gebrselassie then I would soon find myself coming up short in my mind time and time again. In fact, if I compare myself to the fastest runners where I live then I’m probably going to start feeling bad pretty quickly.


However, if I start comparing my performance against myself I soon know whether I am getting better or need to take action to get to the level I know I can achieve. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to get better – I fully intend to run faster and be better at NLP than my trainer was – however, I can only compare myself today to where I was yesterday or the day before, on my way to where I want to be tomorrow.


So next time you find yourself thinking he/she is faster, cleverer, thinner, prettier, more successful, happier, more confident etc than you are – just remember that you are already more than you were yesterday and are yet to achieve the potential you will reach tomorrow. What steps do you need to take to achieve the level you want for you?


So I invite you to really consider who are you comparing yourself to. Where are you now compared to where you were and where you want to be? And what will you do first to move yourself in the right direction for you?


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