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Newmarket Hypnotherapy to release anger: how angry are you?

Are you angry? What would it mean to you to regain your sense of calmness and control, reacting appropriately like other people seem to?


Anger Awareness Week takes place in December and is a good time to consider whether your anger is a problem for you.


Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of reducing anger so that rather than letting it define you, it only happens when justified or warranted. You will also feel a lot calmer and able to deal with things.


Maybe you are angry about something specific – an event from the past such as a relationship breakdown or the grief from losing someone you love. Or it could be that you are angry, frustrated and irritable most of the time – taking it out on those around you in a destructive way.


Anger is one of the emotions we all experience from time to time, like fear and guilt. It’s there to protect us by making us ‘fight’ either with words or deeds when our personal boundaries have been invaded or we are being hurt or ignored in some way. It’s a perfectly natural state but it can become a problem if experienced too intensely, too frequently or over relatively minor issues.


Sometimes your anger can be related to inescapable stress or anxiety or as a coping mechanism for other things such as depression. It can start to become a more and more frequent response and grow more intense. It can lead to alienation from friends and family, relationship breakdown and seeking escape with alcohol or drugs.


It can also build up over many years as a mechanism for dealing with unresolved things – the things you didn’t say or do at the time, or maybe you experienced embarrassment or felt unfairly treated.


Where most people would react with frustration or anger limited to raising their voice or speaking ‘in the heat of the moment’, if anger is a problem you may react intensely and forcefully and find that anger stays with you afterwards. It may become a habit that becomes more common as a response and can lead to a feeling of remorse after the event.


Would you like to feel calmer and more in control again? What would it mean to you?


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