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Hypnotherapy to end Excessive Drinking

Ever wish you could just have one or two drinks and stop there? You may even plan to limit your intake yet somehow things just lead you to having more and more.


I've worked with clients who find themselves drinking every day and just can't stop it, as well as those who binge drink on a Friday and Saturday night.


Imagine how good it would feel to be able to choose how often, how many and when you drink, taking it or leaving it depending on what you wanted to do at the time. What would it mean to have the choice?


Hypnotherapy can help you regain that sense of control and comfort around alcohol.


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I was until 2 weeks ago still drinking and no exercise. I was starting to feel quite despondent and believing that this was me and I was never going to change. Then all of a sudden without any conscious thought at all, it all changed. I have had half a lager in the two weeks and loving all the exercise I can get. So it is my belief that you definitely have unlocked something within me and I am pleased I came to see you. Thank you


There are many indicators that your drinking may have become a problem; some examples are

  • Regularly planning to not/hardly drink then being unable to stop yourself
  • Binge drinking
  • Feeling the need to drink every/most nights to help you relax and deal with things
  • Waking up the next morning being unable to remember all that happened
  • Bed wetting
  • Being overly focused on your drink rather than what else is going on
  • Obsessing about drinking
  • Problems at work caused by lateness, tiredness or too many sick days
  • Feelings of depression, worthlessness or anger after drinking
  • Relationship problems caused by your drinking
  • Drinking more to get the same effect
  • Health problems caused by your drinking


Has you excessive drinking or binge drinking become a problem?


Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP can help you to regain control over your drinking and give you the freedom to have that sense of balance, control and confidence to decide whether, when and how much to drink. How good would it feel to be able to manage your drinking as effectively as other people seem to?


Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP can provide an effective solution to give you that control and confidence.


After I finished my therapy I felt like I had been cleansed inside and out and couldn't stop smiling. I try to test myself and make myself think bad things but something inside me steps in and makes me feel good. I would definitely recommend this therapy; it has made a huge difference to me and I now enjoy my life rather than worry about it.

Contact Dan at Newmarket Hypnotherapy: e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or speak to me direct on 07724 155715.


If you want to find out more then contact me to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation so you can find out how right hypnotherapy is for you.


Newmarket Hypnotherapy: Successful hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP in Newmarket. Call 01638 669933 to book a session at White Tara Complementary Health & Beauty Centre, 7 All Saints Road, Newmarket.


Appointments are also available for hypnotherapy in Ely & hypnotherapy in Cambridge.



Hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP to end excessive drinking articles:

Has your excessive drinking become a problem?



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