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Newmarket Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

If you have had a panic attack then it may seem like it came out of nowhere to hit you. One moment you’re getting on with your day and before you know it you’re in the grip of a panic attack.


Panic attack sufferers talk about experiencing physical symptoms such as

  • feeling sick
  • needing the toilet
  • fear
  • heart palpitations
  • an overwhemling need to escape
  • chest pains
  • shaking
  • shortness of breath
  • mind racing
  • dizziness
  • sweating


When experiencing a panic attack, the person may believe they are having a heart attack or stroke or that there is something wrong with them and they may fear fainting or losing control. They may also experience a huge urge to get out of that situation or place as soon as they can and some end up stuck, feeling safe only when they are at home.


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I attended hypnotherapy to try to overcome anxiety issues related to work. I was sceptical to begin with but felt i had no other options left. The first session left me feeling incredibly relaxed and already i had a confidence boost. Three subsequent sessions later i have been provided with the necessary tools to recognise growing anxiety and to deal with it. Dan's approach was unpressurised and it felt quite natural to discuss all of my issues related to my condition.


What is a panic attack?


A panic attack is part of our fight or flight survival instinct. If there is danger then your unconscious mind (that part of you that runs your body, stores your memories and helps you walk and talk etc) gets your body ready to take action to fight or run away. All the physical symptoms associated with a panic attack are your mind’s way of getting you ready to get away from the danger for your own safety.


It’s important and perfectly normal that we have this instinct – if we had to consciously think about getting ready to face danger then it could already be too late – however, it is also important that this instinct only kicks in when needed (i.e. when you are really in a life threatening situation).


Why do we have panic attacks?


Panic attacks are generally linked to the amount of stress and anxiety we have in our lives. Our mind is continually assessing our state and when that stress and anxiety reaches too high a level, our unconscious mind interprets the situation as being dangerous (although it may not actually be in reality) and gets us ready to escape that danger to keep us safe.


And as our mind looks for patterns, it is possible for the panic response to become linked to an object or situation and to spread into similar experiences. That is why you can be fine nearly all the time but in one of those trigger situations, the panic attack ‘automatically’ kicks in. And the more you experience the panic attacks, the more you may actually start to fear them happening, thus increasing your anxiety and stress further and limiting what you can do. Often someone who has experienced panic attacks will seek to avoid going into the same situation again or avoid the thing that seems to trigger the panic.


Hypnotherapy can deal with so many issues, not just anxiety so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again soon. Dan is a friendly, sympathetic, determined man and he has given me my life back




Ending panic attacks


In the experience of my clients, if you visit a doctor, you are likely to be offered tablets to help deal with the fear and panic. They may suggest counselling and some may suggest hypnotherapy. In fact, I’ve found the number of doctors suggesting hypnotherapy and referring clients to be increasing as they hear about the success of their patients.


Hypnotherapy can help your unconscious mind recognise that the situations triggering the panic attacks are not life threatening – effectively taking the panic away from those situations for the future. How good would it feel to have the freedom, confidence and control to do the things other people seem to do so easily?


Clients who take time to relax (thereby reducing stress and anxiety) also tend to find an improvement in their fear and anxiety.


If you suffer from anxiety, fear or panic attacks and would like to discuss how hypnotherapy can help, contact me to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation. 


Contact Dan at Newmarket Hypnotherapy: e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or speak to me direct on 07724 155715.


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