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combining Hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy

Newmarket Hypnotherapy FAQ - hypnotherapy in Newmarket
  • How many sessions will I need?


    Unlike many other therapies, hypnotherapy achieves long lasting results in a relatively short period of time. My goal is to work with you for the shortest time necessary for you to achieve your goals.


    Most of my clients achieve their results in 6 sessions. Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual using a specialist mix of hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy .


    For a free 30 minute consultation, e-mail dan@newmarkethypnotherapy.co.uk or call White Tara Complementary Health Centre on 01638 669933 to book your appointment.


    For a selection of client feedback please see my testimonials section by clicking HERE


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  • What is the free initial consultation?


    Dan offers a free 30 minute initial consultation to all clients who would like to discuss their problem, find out more about hypnotherapy and ask any questions before deciding to go ahead. You are welcome to bring someone with you to this appointment.


    Appointments can be booked by calling White Tara Complementary Health Centre (Newmarket) on 01638 669933 or e-mail Dan at dan@newmarkethypnotherapy.co.uk.

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  • How much does each session cost?


    Hypnotherapy Sessions: Come for your free initial consultation and after that each session costs £80 and lasts one hour (or invest in a block of 6 sessions and save £60). Most clients only need about 6 sessions to make the changes you want to achieve..


    Successfully Stop Smoking: After your free initial consultation we will book your full stop smoking session where we tackle all the impacts and habits of smoking.

    Please allow 2.5 hours for this main session so we can cover everything and you can leave free of smoking for good.

    And if you did need to you can come back within the next month and repeat this session at no additional cost to you.

    And you also get a powerful stop smoking hypnosis MP3 to keep you focused and enjoying life without smoking.

    The total cost for your full successfully stop smoking package is £297.


    Appointments can be booked by calling White Tara Complementary Health Centre (Newmarket) on 01638 669933.


    For your free 30 minute initial consultation you can also contact me by e-mailing dan@newmarkethypnotherapy.co.uk.


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  • What is your cancellation policy?


    If you need to cancel your appointment please aim to give at least 24 hours notice by contacting White Tara Complementary Health Centre on 01638 669933 or by telephoning me directly on 07724 155715. You can also e-mail dan@newmarkethypnotherapy.co.uk.


    Where appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full session fee will be charged.

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  • Where do sessions take place?


    Newmarket Hypnotherapy Appointments

    Newmarket hypnotherapy sessions take place at White Tara Complementary Health Centre, 7 All Saints Road, Newmarket, CB8 8BS. The Centre is a very short walk from the main High Street.


    The telephone number is 01638 669933.


    There are several nearby car parks including All Saints Road Car Park and behind the TK Maxx store.


    Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit/debit card and gift vouchers are available.


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  • What can hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy help with?


    Hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy can help with many issues including:



    Feeling Low

    Poor Self Image



    Public Speaking






    Self Esteem






    Sports Improvement



    Stopping smoking

    Driving Fear



    Driving Test Nerves



    Eating Disorders

    Pain Management

    Wedding Day Nerves

    Exam Nerves

    Panic Attacks

    Weight Loss/Control

    Excessive Drinking


    And many other issues





    You can book a free 30 minute consultation to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your problem.


    Appointments can be booked by calling White Tara Complementary Health Centre on 01638 669933 or e-mail dan@newmarkethypnotherapy.co.uk.

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  • What is hypnosis?


    Hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation, during which we allow ourselves to become inwardly focused. You are fully awake and alert whilst in hypnosis, and not under anyone’s power or influence. If you wanted to you could simply open your eyes and ‘wake up’ at any point.


    Most clients tell me they love the feeling of relaxation they get and are surprised to find how aware they are throughout the session. Several have described it as being similar to the experience of driving your car on a familiar journey while lost in your thoughts and then realising you have reached your destination.


    If you could consciously let go of your problem you would, wouldn’t you? In fact, you’d have thrown it aside long ago. Problems such as fears, phobias and limiting beliefs (e.g. ‘I’m not good enough’) are being run by your mind at an unconscious level and it may even feel like they are now part of who you are.


    Your problem issue or behaviour developed to serve a purpose, e.g., a phobia is there to protect us but does it an overwhelming way. Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind to satisfy this intention in an empowering and positive way, allowing you to find new ways of acting and reacting with new beliefs and behaviours.


    For more on what it’s like to be hypnotised read this article HERE

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  • I like to stay in control – is hypnosis for me?


    Hypnosis is a state of natural relaxation. You cannot be made to do anything that is against your will or own personal values while hypnotised. Although you will be very relaxed, you remain fully in control throughout and will be aware of everything that is happening.


    For more on what it’s like to be hypnotised read this article HERE

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  • What is NLP?


    NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is essentially about how we do the things we do in our minds that lead to how we behave.


    It is about the pictures we make in our minds, the things we say to ourselves and the feelings we create. These in turn drive our behaviours and the results we get in any situations.


    As a master practitioner of NLP, Daniel is trained to an advanced level in helping people replace limiting beliefs and behaviours with the empowering feelings, behaviours and beliefs that they want in their life.

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  • What is Time Line Therapy?


    Time Line Therapy is about how we perceive time and store our memories. Each of us will store our memories of the past and thoughts of the future in our own way.


    Think of an event that happened a year ago and then think ahead to an event that will happen a year in the future. Our mind stores these in different places and by using this knowledge of your own time line  we can release negative emotions (e.g. anger, guilt, fear) and limiting beliefs (e.g. “I’m not good enough”).


    Daniel is a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and uses this in combination with hypnosis and NLP to achieve fast and effective results for clients.

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  • How does hypnotherapy to stop smoking work?


    Hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP have proven to be very successful when helping people to stop smoking for good (without turning to food etc instead).


    My highly successful stop smoking package costs £297 (which most former smokers save on the cost of cigarettes within 4-6 weeks from quitting).


    The package includes the 2.5 hour freedom from smoking hypnotherapy session and a stop smoking hypnosis CD/MP3 to support you in your life free of smoking. Because I want you to succeed in stopping smoking, you can also come back to repeat the main session within your first month if you need to.


    A free 30 minute initial consultation is also available if you want to find out more before booking.


    By the end of the 2.5 hour stop smoking session:


    You will have changed your associations to cigarettes so that you would never want to put one in your mouth again. 


    You will have ave changed your habits so that whenever you used to smoke, or even when you see cigarettes, you will feel healthy, calm and confident about being free from smoking.


    You will have addressed the underlying effect on your body of smoking so that you can feel calm and in control even in stressful, anxious or boredom situations where you used to smoke.


    You will be able to enjoy thinking about all the things you can do in your healthy, happy future with your family and friends, in your career and socially.


    You will know deep down that you are free of smoking – it will just be something you used to do but no longer do.



    Appointments take place at White Tara Complementary Health Clinic, 7 All Saints Road, Newmarket. Tel: 01638 669933 or e-mail dan@newmarkethypnotherapy.co.uk.


    You can read about some of those who have successfully become free of smoking in the testimonial pages.





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