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Not good enough? Compared to whom?
Confidence & Self Esteem

I see a lot of clients who believe they are not worthy or not good enough. This can lead to making images in their minds of things going badly, or bad feelings or an internal voice that criticizes and puts them down. The end result is ongoing feelings of anxiety, low confidence and low self esteem which can impact on career, health and relationships and stop them doing things in their life that they want to do.


If I believe I’m not good enough (which I did used to believe before hypnotherapy helped me) then I must consider that

Becoming That Confident Person Within
Confidence & Self Esteem

Steve initially came to see me for a free consultation to hear more about how hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP could help him. You see, Steve suffered with problems including paranoia, feeling self conscious, low self esteem and low confidence.


These thoughts and feelings were affecting every part of his life including his work and social life – he would worry about what people thought about him and anything he said or did. This had grown so bad that

Making the Speech; Eliminate Anxiety & Low Confidence
Confidence & Self Esteem

What would it be like to let go of all that anxiety you’ve been carrying with you in all those work and social situations?  Imagine what you would say to yourself if you knew you had all the confidence, calmness and self esteem you could need to breeze through any situation in a calm and controlled way.


When Ella came to see me recently she was anxious (an understatement!) about

Eliminating anxiety and low confidence with hypnotherapy
Confidence & Self Esteem

When Adam (not his real name) came to see me at Newmarket Hypnotherapy he told me how he suffered from anxiety and low confidence all day long about one thing or another. He believed that he just wasn't good enough.


He was due to go on a big night out the following evening and was already worrying about how it would go, what people would think of him and whether they would like him and say good things about him afterwards. Even as he told me this he was running an internal commentary as he tried to guess what I was thinking of him based on what he was saying.


In his mind, he was constantly guessing what other people were thinking about what he was saying or doing. He couldn't relax and just be himself with this constant internal dialogue going on and


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