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Hypnotherapy for needle fear and injection phobia
Phobias & Fears

Do you have a fear of injections and needles? If you do, it can turn an appointment with the doctor, nurse or dentist into a huge ordeal with hours of anxiety and fear which builds up in intensity as the appointment time approaches.


Using a successful mix of hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP I’ve worked with both medical professionals who are giving the injections as well as clients/patients receiving them.


For example, a medical professional who recently came to see me for hypnotherapy had difficulty giving injections. He would experience anxiety and fear leading

Overcome Your Phobia with Newmarket Hypnotherapy
Phobias & Fears

It’s estimated that around 10 million people in the UK suffer from a phobia – an irrational, intense fear of an animal, object, place or situation. The chances are high that either you or someone you know will have a fear of flying, water, heights, spiders, snakes, needles, social situations or some other fear.


Very often when describing whatever it is, the person will say something like “I know it’s silly but…” or “I know that it’s perfectly safe but…” or “I know it’s irrational but…”


Someone with a phobia will often

Overcome Driving Phobia with Newmarket Hypnotherapy
Phobias & Fears

Having been involved in a car accident several years earlier, Steve now found it impossible to go back on the motorway. Just the thought of a motorway journey would make him feel tense, sweat and shake as he pictured all those horrific sights and sounds from the accident. It was like the other vehicle was still in front of his face as he hurtled towards impact.


Steve got around his driving fear by travelling everywhere on back roads and avoiding motorways – no matter how inconvenient or time consuming that made the journey. To him it seemed the only way he could drive anywhere.


That was fine – until he


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