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Overcoming Wedding Nerves & Stress
Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks

The build up to your wedding day should be a time of excitement and fun and happiness. However, it may not always feel that way.


When Elizabeth came to see me she was feeling nervous and stressed about the whole wedding event. She was getting pressured by ‘helpful’ relatives on how she should do things, she had so much still to organise and she just felt so stressed  about everything. It all seemed far different from the happy occasion she had been hoping for.


Yet after only a couple of hypnotherapy sessions using an advanced mix of hypnosis & NLP, all that worry, stress and anxiety had evaporated.

End Night-Time Worry and Sleep Well
Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks

According to some estimates, up to 50% of people suffer from insomnia – that’s a lot of people lying awake at night! And that means a lot of tired, irritable, miserable people struggling through their day.


There are some things you can do which may help you get a better night’s sleep such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol late at night, keeping work out of the bedroom and making sure the lights and temperature of the room are right.


They also say you should never go to bed with your worries – for some people that’s easier said than done. We’ve all had those long nights where we lie awake thinking over something that happened that day that still bothers us, or thinking ahead to what may be in store tomorrow. It can even bother us that much that we wake in the night (after finally getting to sleep) and wake exhausted.


Here’s a simple process to use whenever you want to leave worries and stresses to one side and get a good night’s sleep:

Learning To Manage Stress
Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks

Everyone experiences a degree of stress – whether it’s at home, work or with our health, finances, relationships or something else. There’s no getting away from it – we all have lots to get done and never enough time to do it all.


Friday, February 4th 2011 is National Stress Down Day, organised by the Samaritans (http://www.stressdownday.org/) and is a timely reminder that we all need to actively take steps to ensure we maintain a healthy sense of balance and control.


A little stress can be


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