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Eliminating anxiety and low confidence with hypnotherapy
Confidence & Self Esteem

When Adam (not his real name) came to see me at Newmarket Hypnotherapy he told me how he suffered from anxiety and low confidence all day long about one thing or another. He believed that he just wasn't good enough.


He was due to go on a big night out the following evening and was already worrying about how it would go, what people would think of him and whether they would like him and say good things about him afterwards. Even as he told me this he was running an internal commentary as he tried to guess what I was thinking of him based on what he was saying.


In his mind, he was constantly guessing what other people were thinking about what he was saying or doing. He couldn't relax and just be himself with this constant internal dialogue going on and

the associated physical reactions of sweating, tingling skin and bodily tension.


He had suffered with anxiety, low self esteem, low confidence and worry for as long as he could remember. So much so that it almost seemed to be a part of him – who he was – and he found it difficult to think of how things were before and how they could be again without the problem.


Just two sessions of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP later and Adam was amazed at the transformation. Out went all those old problem feelings and behaviours of anxiety, low self esteem and not feeling good enough and in came empowering, fun and energetic new beliefs and thoughts. I have heard from Adam several times since the sessions and he's enjoying every minute of his life – and having a fantastic time on those big nights out.


If you suffer with anxiety, low confidence, low self esteem and feelings of not being good enough or worthy then contact Dan at Newmarket Hypnotherapy to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation to find out more.


Contact me at Newmarket Hypnotherapy: e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or speak to me direct on 07724 155715.


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