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Has your excessive drinking become a problem?
Excessive Drinking

Is your excessive drinking or binge drinking causing you problems? Maybe it’s affecting your relationships, health or career or maybe you know that it has become a way to escape your feelings or you think you need it to switch off and relax.


Most people enjoy the occasional drink, whether it’s a social thing, when enjoying a nice meal or to unwind. However, when you start to rely on alcohol every day or you binge because you can’t stop yourself then you need to find a way to regain control over your drinking.


Recently I was visited by someone who would binge drink on Friday and Saturday nights. He would often have the best intentions of stopping after a couple but somehow that point came and went as he drank more and more. It was as though he couldn't stop himself carrying on. He would often

get angry after binge drinking and would argue with his partner with little recollection of events the next day. A large part of his weekend would be wasted recovering from the night before, and in the past he had even lost a job because he couldn’t recover quickly enough to get to work on time. As his ambitions of progressing in his career and starting a family were slipping away, he realised he needed to take action.


Another recent client had started as an occasional drinker and had, over time, developed a habit of drinking every evening. It had all started when she had been made redundant in unpleasant circumstances and she had turned to drink to take her mind off her feelings and to help her relax. Her excessive drinking had filled a void and masked her bad feelings and stress. Now it had become a way of life that she seemed unable to change on her own.


There are many indicators that your excessive drinking or binge drinking may have become a problem - examples include:


  • Regularly planning to not/hardly drink then being unable to stop yourself
  • Binge drinking once or twice a week
  • Feeling the need to drink every/most nights to help you relax
  • Drinking most/every night to try and deal with how you feel/deal with life
  • Waking up the next morning and being unable to remember all that happened
  • Bed wetting
  • Problems at work caused by lateness, tiredness or too many sick days
  • Feelings of depression, worthlessness or anger after drinking
  • Relationship problems caused by your drinking
  • Drinking more to get the same effect
  • Health problems caused by your drinking


If after looking at this list some of these ring a bell with you then it may be that you feel the time has come to make changes in your life.


Using a specialist mix of hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP, both clients above were able to regain control over their drinking rather than being controlled by it. Both left with the freedom to choose when and whether to drink and with the motivation to pursue their goals whether these were career, family, social or interest based.


How good would it feel to have the freedom to control your drinking as effortlessly as other people seem to?


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