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Stop Smoking For Good in Newmarket
Stop Smoking


If you have been smoking for many years, it can be hard to believe that you can successfully stop smoking for good in just one session.


After all, you’ve tried willpower, patches, E-cigarettes, tablets and who knows what else - and the best you’ve ever achieved is to stop smoking for a short time before your habit took over again.


And maybe there’s a part of you worried about what life without smoking would be like – maybe you are worried that:


  • You’ll get more stressed – after all, the cigarettes calm you down
  • You’ll get bored easily – because the cigarettes give you a lift
  • You won’t have as much fun when you are out socially
  • You’ll start eating instead of smoking and put on loads of weight
  • You’ll fail and feel even worse about the smell, taste and impact on your health


It’s natural to have some doubts and to wonder what your life free of smoking will be like. What will you do with all those minutes you used to spend smoking?

Newmarket Hypnotherapy: Why Stop Smoking?
Stop Smoking


If you are a smoker then I’m sure you know the health consequences of continuing to smoke and the health benefits if you stop smoking. You know that chances are sooner or later your health will be affected and you’ll have to stop doing some of the things you take for granted now.


You probably know that it costs you a lot of money to smoke (although you may not ever work out how much it costs a week/month/year).


And I’m sure you

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking - How does it work?
Stop Smoking

I get a lot of queries asking about how stop smoking hypnotherapy works and what it involves. For many people who smoke, the idea that they could be free of smoking in just two hours seems difficult to understand after they may have been smoking for many years.


Using advanced levels of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP it is possible to stop smoking in just two hours. Consciously if you could just stop smoking then you would just decide never to smoke again. However, habits are run at an unconscious level and so we need to work with you unconscious mind to address the associations, habits and underlying reasons for smoking.


It’s a bit like when you first learned to

Quit Smoking with Newmarket Hypnotherapy
Stop Smoking

Whether you’ve been a smoker for forty years or just a few years and no matter whether your habit is twenty five a day or only a handful, hypnotherapy with Newmarket Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking forever.


Recently I saw a client who had smoked over twenty a day for over forty years (since he was ten years old) and he was paying out nearly £20 a week for the habit. He told me he had decided the time was right to quit after his health began to suffer and his shortness of breath started to affect his social life and job.


Another recent client had been smoking up to ten cigarettes a day for thirty years, only pausing during pregnancy. She was fed up of the smell of smoking and of being the unsociable one had to get up and go outside when out with friends.


Both felt they wanted to quit and both

Stop Smoking with Newmarket Hypnotherapy
Stop Smoking

Imagine being able to finally stop smoking. How good would that feel? What would your friends and family say about your new levels of health and vitality?


If you are a smoker then it’s probably obvious, if you think about it, how much better your life could be if you found a way to quit that worked.


One client who came to see me recently had struggled to find a


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