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Newmarket Hypnotherapy Testimonials
I was in such a vicious circle of becoming depressed and negative from just trying too hard at home and at work, and in my eyes, failing myself and all around me. I'd spend hours analysing why an occasion at home or work had gone so wrong and would end up trawling through every bad memory in life for an answer as far back as I could possibly remember. Close related deaths, my parenting skills, friendships, divorce, re-marriage, and dead end jobs were all part of that equation.

Having taken anti depressants in the past which didn't work for me, endured councelling which also didn't work for me, the already experienced stresses in life plus the new ones were continuing to pile up and clog my everyday thoughts. We all get life strains and stresses and that's a major part of life but as I felt so low about myself I had no coping strategies in place to be able to deal with them. It started to feel like there was no possible place to turn to and back I'd go to spending more hours on my own analysing again but never finding an answer.

Then I found Dan. After an initial consultation I decided to take a block of sessions as I wanted to take some concentrated time out with Dan. Then bingo, in just a couple of sessions I already felt like I was on the path that I had only been able to dream of.

I was finally rid of all that was holding me back in life and at last I felt like I was not only somebody but somebody that everyone wanted to be with and have around them. At last I was able to interact with all around me in a positive way, I had a personality of my own, and a voice that people finally wanted to listen to.

We started the flexible sessions on a week by week basis, then every 2 x weeks, and finally with a gap of a month which helped me tremendously knowing that Dan was in the background the whole time whilst I was putting the newly re-born "me" into real life practice. I could then proudly discuss how I had coped with any weekly events with Dan at the next session.

The positive difference in me and my home/ work life is just unbelievable.

Thank you Dan. Thank you so very, very much.
Date of Posting: 11 June 2014
Posted By: Sarah
Dan has helped me conquer a very difficult situation. My anxiety had spiralled out of control to the point where it was severely impacting my day to day life, hurting me & my loved ones and sucking me in deeper. I thought there was no way out.

I can't recommend Dan's services highly enough. My outlook on life has changed for the better; my confidence is high, I have a new career & my anxiety can no longer feed off me.

Dan's passion for his work is evident when you meet him. He cares & understands, & he will help you for the better. I can't thank him enough.
Date of Posting: 29 May 2014
Posted By: Amy
I first visited Dan earlier this year after my anxiety had got to an unbearable level. Having suffered with it for ten years (on and off) and six months ago finding myself in a situation that resulted in my anxiety levels hitting an all time high where I found I was unable to function as I normally would, I found Dan online!

I arranged my first of six sessions and haven't looked back since. As most of us are I was sceptical on exactly what hypnotherapy was all about but open minded and willing to give anything a go!

Since my last session, I haven't had any signs of my anxiety returning and am sleeping better than I ever have. If you suffering in any way give Dan a call/email, you won't be disappointed!!!
Date of Posting: 12 May 2014
Posted By: Emily
Newmarket, Suffolk
I had a life long fear of spiders, and was persuaded to try hypnotherapy. If I'm honest I was abit skeptical but after 4 sessions not only am I fine being around spiders I have picked them up! It is something that I thought I wouldn't be able to change im my life so a massive thank you to dan and If you are unsure about it I would say try because it works.
Date of Posting: 25 April 2014
Posted By: Scott
After suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for several years when driving on dual carriageways and starting to experience the same when sitting in traffic I realised this could not go on and I had to do something about it.

I first found out about Dan through the local village booklet and decided to arrange an initial consultation and go from there. I'm so glad I did.

At first I wasn't sure about hypnotherapy but after a couple of sessions with Dan,I noticed that I was looking at driving in a completely different way. I was seeing it as a good thing and not something to be afraid of.

Dan taught me that there was nothing to fear and took me back to the days when driving was a joy. With some further sessions and coping techniques, them days are here again and I love driving.

There is no anxiety whilst sitting in traffic and when I first went on the dual carriageway (which was a big thing for me!) nothing happened, no panic no fear nothing except I realised I was driving and I enjoyed it.

I cannot thank Dan enough for getting me back to be a confident driver again and a happier person thank you!
Date of Posting: 12 March 2014
Posted By: Claire
I recently contacted Dan, as for many years I had eaten excessively when stressed or bored. Over the years this had led to me embarking on yo-yo style diets and poor eating habits.

I understood what I should be eating in order to live a healthy life but bad habits had formed and I had found it increasingly difficult to say no to certain types of food. Often I would eat almost unconsciously.

From the beginning Dan was non judgemental and very supportive. He helped me to get to the route of my eating disorder and to then put a plan into action.

I only needed a few sessions and I found the sessions very relaxing.

I am now in a position which I never thought that I would be in as I am now in control of food and not the other way round.

When I do get stressed I am able to do relaxation techniques and not reach for food. I have started to lose weight and I don't feel guilty enjoying food. I just eat more of the good stuff.

I cannot recommend Dan enough. Just brilliant.
Date of Posting: 11 March 2014
Posted By: Maria
I visited Dan after enduring a 2 month period of being unable to sleep properly.

What started out as simply feeling restless for a couple of nights quickly turned into a vicious cycle where I would lay awake hour after hour worrying that I hadn’t gone to sleep, with an exhausted body, but an alert mind. The more I didn’t sleep, the more anxious I got, and the more anxious I got, the more I didn’t sleep! Heart palpitations, tingling sensations in my feet and hands, erratic breathing and periods of hysteria dominated most nights, and needless to say my partner suffered equally because of this.

Having been prescribed sleeping tablets by my doctor, which I started to feel dependant on, I decided that I needed to get long term help rather than a short term fix.

After my first session with Dan, the first change I noticed was that I came out actually looking forward to going to sleep that night! A feeling that I hadn't had for nearly 2 months.

I also noticed an immediate shift in my mind set; no longer was I spending every afternoon/evening counting the hours until I was going to bed, convincing myself that I would be unable to sleep, and picturing myself fretting all night. Instead, I imagined myself going to bed relaxed and calm, and felt positive that I was going to have a good, restful night’s sleep. And from that moment on, I did!

Most noticeably, I felt in control of my mind, and consequently realised that I had allowed my mind to control me for nearly 2 months. Dan talked me through techniques to help deal with my feelings and thoughts, and gave me hints and tips to help me sleep (even as simple as not having a TV in the bedroom).

I visited Dan for one more session, during which he helped me overcome any last traces of anxiety I had regarding sleeping, and I have felt no need to return for any further sessions.

I can honestly say that my two sessions with Dan were life-changing. I was becoming very low due to my constant lack of sleep, and it was having a severe knock-on effect on my life, however Dan enabled me to get a grip on the problem and overcome it. I can’t quite put my finger on how he did it, but he did, and for that, I will be forever grateful.
Date of Posting: 07 February 2014
Posted By: Eloise
Developed a nervous tick having suffered with anxiety for years. The doctor suggested I try hypnotherapy. Dan helped by teaching me various coping skills and helped me to get everything under control. My nervous tick and anxiety have all but disappeared.
Date of Posting: 04 February 2014
Posted By: LW
After a marital split combined with a new job I found my head in a muddle. I was anxious and getting wound up. This often resulted in me not being as supportive as I would like to those closest to me.

Dan helped me overcome this. He listened, did not judge, made me feel calm and good about myself again. I am a happier more confident person following my sessions.

I would recommend Dan to anyone who feels their anxiety is getting too much, listen, relax and learn how to deal with the issues we all face every day. I feel I can achieve anything now. Thank you Dan.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2014
Posted By: Angela
I’ve had issues with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I would worry about things that were relevant and also things that were completely irrational and beyond my control. I suffered my first panic attack when I was 17 and have had several since. My anxiety has never stopped me achieving my goals in life, but there have been various periods of time during which the anxiety has been so all-consuming it almost has. Most of the time however, it has just been there, looming, waiting to ignite. I’ve tried various medications, self-help books, Counselling and Psychotherapy but nothing seemed to help for more than a very short period of time. Hypnotherapy was my last hope really. I had read positive things about it and thought I may as well give it a shot. I am so very, very happy that I did. It’s been nearly 3 months since I completed my sessions with Dan and I still feel great. If I ever start to feel the anxiety creeping in I use the tools and methods Dan has taught me to deal with it. It does not spiral out of control any more and I can manage it. Dan is amazing; from the beginning he made me feel relaxed and comfortable and offered no judgement, just gentle assertiveness and encouragement that he will help fix things. And he did. I will be forever grateful.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2014
Posted By: Katie

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